Industry / Pharmaceutical

Get a lab up and running quickly at your site

Our mobile BSL2 and BSL3 biological containment labs are designed to provide optimal safety for the study of dangerous pathogens in the fight against bioterrorism, pandemics, and other public health risks. 

They meet pharmaceutical and biotech companies' needs for immediately-operational, safe biological containment facilities for:
- Coping with spikes in activity related to epidemics, for example;
- Carrying out short-term R&D projects;
- Supplying extra capacity;
- Further isolating a containment lab from other labs;
- Providing a back-up lab if an existing lab breaks down.

The main advantages of our mobile BSL2 and BSL3 labs for such companies are:
- Regulatory compliance (ISO 14644-4 and ISO 14644-1 standards, biological risk prevention regulations, and confinement requirements for the use of GMOs);
- A turnkey solution with a lab up and running just four hours after installation (we provide all necessary lab equipment);
- Self-powered lab units, which are useful in the event of a power cut at your site;
- An isolated lab that reduces the chances of contamination of other areas of your site.


View the IMeBIO Mobile BSL3 lab