Provide your facility with a secure lab without making a heavy investment

Our mobile BSL2 and BSL3 biological containment labs are designed to provide optimal safety for the study of dangerous pathogens in the fight against bioterrorism, pandemics, and other public health risks.

For public health organizations, our mobile BSL2 and BSL3 labs are ideal for monitoring epidemiological and pandemic risks, for short-term R&D projects requiring confined lab facilities, and for public health emergency management purposes.

The main advantages of our mobile BSL2 and BSL3 labs for public health organizations are:
- Expansion of existing lab facilities without sacrificing existing space;
- Use as temporary lab facilities while an existing lab is being renovated;
- Controlled operating costs that are linear over time;
- Conversion for use as isolation chambers for people infected with multi-resistant pathogens;
- Use as amplification labs (BSL2 or even BSL1), even during emergencies.


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