A complete lab in just 12m²

The mobile lab is not new idea. However, we have developed an innovative concept that delivers new levels of performance thanks to a design driven by user ergonomics and advanced materials. Our next-generation mobile BSL2 and BSL3 labs give you a reliable turnkey solution for your biological research needs.

Unique on the market, our mobile BSL2 and BSL3 labs bring together five cutting-edge innovations:

- Rounded corners and weld-free assembly that eliminates the need for silicone joints to prevent the spread of infectious pathogens;

- Innovative engineering to provide maximum performance in terms of safety, confinement, ergonomics, and air flow.

- A self-contained power supply based on advanced technology making our labs rapidly deployable and easy to transport-all at a lower cost than permanent BSL2 or BSL3 laboratories;

- High-tech non-porous materials (synthetic resin) offering exceptional insulation properties; 

- An ingenious design to allow for fast, easy maintenance.

Built to the highest standards

IMeBIO mobile BSL2 and BSL3 labs are designed to be extremely robust yet highly functional, suitable for rail, road, air, and maritime transportation. They come with their own power, water, and process fluids supplies—meaning the labs can be set up rapidly and run just about anywhere on the planet.

Our mobile labs also offer exceptional safety and containment features, and are fully compliant with the ISO 14644-4 and ISO 14644-1 standards, regulations governing biological risk prevention, and confinement requirements for the use of GMOs.

And as an added benefit, their plug-and-play design ensures virtually immediate operability upon delivery. 

Breakthrough materials

HI-MACS® wall and ceiling panels

HI-MACS® is a synthetic resin made from 70% bauxite and 25% acrylic-two compounds that provide the robustness and flexibility essential for mobile building modules. HI-MACS® is made using state-of-the-art solid surface technology so that our labs' wall and ceiling panels are non-porous, weld-free, and thermoformable-all to help you comply with the most stringent health and safety standards. 


Effective insulation

Our mobile BSL2 and BSL3 labs are insulated with a polyolefin foam made using physical reticulation (i.e., without glue). The foam is odor-free, offers <1% water absorption, and is resistant to chemical substances. We cut the foam with an abrasive metal blade to ensure that it hugs the corrugated container walls perfectly for a tight seal.